How long does it take to be a dental assistant in tennessee?

The dental assistance program at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Dickson has a one-year duration. The program consists of organized classes, clinical and laboratory practices, and clinical rotations in dental offices. Individuals who gain experience in programs that are not accredited by CODA will apply for a temporary permit that allows them to meet internship requirements. Supervising dentists will verify that the sealants were properly placed on all required teeth.

Some students will take the required courses as part of their initial courses in a CODA accredited dental assistance program; they will provide letters from the program stating that coronal polishing was included in the curriculum. The Tennessee licensing agency will also accept the DANB Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) credential as proof that the requirements have been met. Students must purchase their own uniforms (we recommend buying black scrubs) and the Modern Dental Assisting textbook (Bird and Robinson), tenth edition or later (hardcover). An applicant who has dental assistance in the United States or Canada must provide verification.

A student who completes an accredited dental assistance program may receive the training necessary to qualify for multiple Board-approved functions. In some cases, a dental assistant may qualify for multiple authorizations by completing a single formal educational program. For the costs of the Dental Assistance Program, see the expense sheet available on the school's website. A dental assistant will need two years of recent experience to be admitted to a restoration and prosthetics course; the experience must be from the previous three years.

Once again, a dental assistant who has completed a similar program in another state can submit their credentials to the licensing agency.

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