Where do dental assistants work?

Dental assistants work in the administrative offices of dental clinics, helping dentists with tasks such as performing x-rays and procedures such as root canals, fillings, cleanings, etc. There are also educational opportunities available for dental assistants who want to earn a degree beyond level certificate. For those who are passionate about helping others and practicing oral hygiene techniques, a career as a dental assistant could be the right path. Dental cements, bases, coatings and adhesive agents; restorative materials, dental protectors, matrices and wedges.

Certified dental assistants in New York can take preliminary medical records and vital signs to be reviewed by the supervising dentist, select and pre-adjust temporary orthodontic crowns and bands, take impressions for the study or diagnostic molds, and remove periodontal dressings. Dental assistants perform a wide range of clinical and administrative tasks under the supervision of a dentist. Dental assistants may also have administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments, maintaining patient records, and billing for services. After completing the program of their choice, students may need to obtain a state license or certification to qualify as practicing dental assistants.

Credits from dental assistance programs can also be transferred to associate degree or high school programs. Nearly half of all dental assistants have a 35- to 40-hour work week, which may include working on Saturdays or evenings. Through interactive lessons, you'll also prepare for the health and radiological safety and infection control components of the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) exam. There are a variety of tasks that dental assistants must perform during the working day, from basic office work to patient care.

Dental assistants also perform administrative tasks to ensure that the office runs smoothly and is properly organized. A dental assistant directly supports the dentist with small, supervised tasks performed on patients' teeth and administrative tasks in the office.

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