What 5 qualities make a good dental assistant?

Dental offices exist to care for patients and patients are people. At Pacific Northwest Dental Assisting School, our 12-week program offers hands-on training where you'll learn everything you need to know to start your career as a dental assistant. Knowing the emotional signs will help the dental assistant better communicate with patients and colleagues. The dental assistant may face an emergency and must remain calm to endure this difficult circumstance.

Not only must a dental assistant comply with the regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), but they must also maintain the confidentiality of confidential and personal patient information. We've helped hundreds of students in Camas and Vancouver take their natural traits and abilities on the fast track to becoming dental assistants. The dental assistant must learn to recognize the patient's emotions, whether they are sad, afraid, angry, etc. The dental assistant is the ambassador of good oral health for patients, so they must also keep their mouth looking healthy.

However, a dental assistant may not want to use perfume or thick cologne, as they will work in close personal proximity with colleagues and patients. A good dental assistant will have the ability to accept delays, problems, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Once you earn your dental assistant certification, it's all about taking advantage of opportunities and maximizing your potential. Even if you have dental assistant training that prepares you for the technical side of things, you may want to brush up on other growth points to thrive.

Because you'll be working in many roles, several skills will empower you to become the best dental assistant possible. A good dental assistant will show a mix of seriousness and honesty when talking to patients and colleagues. They may decide to return to school to study occupations such as a dental hygienist and medical assistance. One of the many benefits of attending school for dental assistance is being able to study in the field.

You'll also be a better dental assistant if you have experience in certain courses in your training. The dental assistant must be willing to continuously learn and help if a co-worker is overworked.

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