What kind of dental assistant makes the most money?

In fact, the DANB salary survey shows that CDA certificates working in oral surgery and other specialties have the highest salaries. The duties of a certified dental assistant depend on the type of office in which you work and the regulations and licenses required by your state. In addition to these tasks, you provide administrative assistance in the dental office, including filing medical records, answering phones, and scheduling appointments. The average salaries of dental assistants and other statistics were taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Orthodontic assistants help provide patient care and treatment to correct dental problems and straighten teeth.

Dental assistants

generally prepare equipment and supplies for the dentist before an exam or procedures, clean and sterilize equipment after the patient appointment, take and process x-rays, and update patient documentation. Not only have dental assistants experienced a recent increase in employment, but they can also receive competitive salaries without having to spend years in school. A dental assistant with expanded functions (EFDA) performs functions beyond what many consider “traditional”, and each state defines what these functions are.

Other functions of a surgical dental assistant include the use of suction hoses, delivering the dentist's instruments during the operation, and educating patients about oral hygiene. One of these options includes a dental assistant program that you can complete in as little as 10 months.

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