What is the most important role of a dental assistant?

They are tasked with ensuring that patients receive the best possible dental care, helping patients and doctors with tasks such as registering patients at the clinic, preparing patients for procedures and assisting dentists with the most common procedures, such as filling, extractions, endodontics, cleaning, etc. ensure maximum efficiency of the office, all dental equipment must work together. According to research by the DALE Foundation on the value of dental assistants for dental practice, 98% of the dentists and dental office managers who responded agree that effective dental assistants contribute to team synergy and make all team members more effective. In addition, dentists and dental office managers agree that working as a team is one of the top 10 qualities a dental assistant can have.

Dental assistants act as liaisons between patients and dentists. When a patient arrives for an appointment, the dental assistant should do everything possible to help that person feel comfortable. That way, the patient won't feel stressed during their visit and will ultimately be able to get the most out of the experience. This includes an understanding of the responsibilities of the dental office.

Dental assistants are often referred to as “mind readers” because they are extremely helpful and observe the needs of the dentist and the patient. An X-ray certification program remains essential for those who want to become dental assistants because it teaches students how to handle traditional and digital x-rays. Dental assistants usually have the last interaction with patients, which is an excellent opportunity to answer any outstanding questions and schedule your next appointment, if needed. Dental assistants can anticipate what will come after the procedure and what the dentist will need so that the entire consultation is done quickly and smoothly.

Many students enroll for the Dental Assistant Diploma because the environment can be fast-paced, enriching and offers room for future growth. A dentist cannot do their job effectively without the support of a highly trained dental assistant. A dental assistant must ensure that the treatment or procedure goes smoothly and that nothing interrupts or delays it. One of the best ways for a dentist to focus on a patient and focus on the patient is to be sure that the dental assistant will support them throughout the process.

Dental assistants play an important role in how the patient experiences their visit, especially when they arrive for the first time and between waiting times to go to the dentist. A dental assistant will also seat patients and let them know if the process may take longer than expected. Dental assistants often enjoy rewarding careers and, with their wide range of daily tasks, no two shifts are the same. When applying a sealant, a dental assistant paints a fine plastic substance onto the teeth that seals food particles and acid-producing bacteria to prevent teeth from developing cavities.

We've helped hundreds of students in Camas and Vancouver take their natural traits and abilities on the fast track to becoming dental assistants. Dental assistants should take and develop patient x-rays, as well as employ appropriate safety procedures to minimize risks to patients. Once patients complete their consultation, dental assistants help them understand their next steps and the deadlines for their next appointment. Today's dental assistants help dentists during surgical, oral surgery and orthodontic procedures.


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